Prudence's Story

Prudence is 28 years old and this is her story...

What happened to you?

When I was pregnant in 1999 my labour started in the morning. I did not deliver that day so my mother decided to take me to the hospital which is some distance from our village. We used a mokoro (banana-boat) to reach Lubwe, this journey took 7 hours. I was examined only to be told that because we had taken so long to get to hospital the baby had died. I had an operation immediately but shortly after the operation I started leaking urine. I didn't understand what was happening to me, but they explained that my badder had torn due to the prolonged labour.

Have you had this operation before?

Yes, I was taken to Monze for surgery. After the surgery I was dry again. The staff advised me to abstain but my husband refused and forced me. As a result I started leaking again. I couldn't afford to go to Monze again. Then I heard that you were coming here to Chilonga and Africare brought be here.

What difference will this surgery make in your life?

I will be very happy if this problem can come to an end because I have lost my marriage and my friends because I smell of urine all the time. People laugh at me. I wish to have friends to comfort me, so I would be so pleased to have this problem fixed.

What do you have to say to those who paid for your surgery?

I am very thankful to them, and may the Almighty richly bless them.

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