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Skydive for Mercy Flyers

On 20th October brave Mercy Flyer's supporter Sarah Gray leapt into the sky over Suffolk. This is her account of the jump.

As a nervous flyer with a fear of heights I was filled with anxiety and trepidation the moment I booked my skydive. Luckily I had rounded up a few friends that had agreed to do the skydive with me, if they hadn't have been there, I am fairly confident I wouldn't have gone through with it.

From the moment we arrived at UK Parachuting until we stepped onto the plane I kept reasonably calm. When we got on the plane my fears started to emerge. We were about to jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet and fall to the ground at 120mph until we reached 5,000 feet. At which point the parachute is activated. My last moment of doubt was when I was sat on the side of the aircraft at 13,000 feet, with my feet tucked underneath the plane, arms across my chest and my head on the shoulder of my instructor waiting for the moment where I was pushed out of the plane..

As soon as we started falling head over heels I began to really enjoy the experience. You couldn't remove the smile from my face. It was an amazing feeling of exhilaration and pure freedom. I felt no anxiety or tension. When the parachute opened I took the time to take in the surroundings and try my hand at steering. The whole experience was an exhilarating one.

When I landed I was immediately asked if I would do it again. Without hesitation I said yes, in a heart beat. I am now gathering a group of friends for my second jump, in the New Year. I may even go on to do an accelerated free fall course and get myself an International Skydiving Licence!

So far Sarah has raised £290.00 plus gift aid for Mercy Flyers. If you would like to sponsor Sarah then please click on the following link

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