We have done 2 medevacs in the last 2 months, both from Mongu hospital.

The first patient had multiple trauma and the second had a stroke. Dr Wood, who is working with us for 6 months from the UK provided the in-flight medical care, a Flying Mission pilot flew the first and Craig flew the second. The flight for the second patient which took place on the 18th December, was in really difficult weather. We were flying in clouds almost the whole way there. As we have no auto-pilot this was all flying by hand using only instruments for navigation as there is no visible horizon.

The hospital team were very pleased to see us, concerned we would not make it at all. We stabilised the patient for flight and headed off home again expecting more of the same but the clouds had all seemed to evaporate and the flight home was beautiful except for black skies once again over Lusaka. The patient was quickly loaded into the waiting ambulance and taken to UTH.

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