Chilonga Outreach

Report of VVF Outreach to Chilonga, 19-28 March 2012

For the seventh time Dr. Breen, Gynaecologist at Monze, and Dr. Oranmore Brown, Anaesthetist from Mercy Flyers visited Chilonga Hospital.

Surgery: 37 patients had surgery, 21 of which were VVF repairs (17 were first repairs, 3 were 2nd attempts and 1 was a 4th attempt). All repairs were done under spinal anaesthesia and 2 combined with general anaesthesia. 16 other operations were carried out. There were no post-operative wound infections.

Success rate: 17/21 or 81% (less than the 87% of last visit but still very acceptable).

Training: Dr. Breen provided ongoing on the job training to Dr. Pauline from Chilonga and a visiting Registrar from the USA.

The success of a VVF camp depends on the levels of Care, Competence and Cleanliness. We thank the Hospital Administration and staff, and all involved as responsible persons in the Districts who have made their contribution to a good camp. We invite all districts to join in the care towards women with VVF.

(Pauline Borsboom, General Medical Officer)

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