Zambia Surgical Services Study (Update)

John Chisoso, our researcher doing his Master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Zambia, was recently flown around the country by Craig Oranmore Brown. His thesis is the Mercy Flyers study looking at surgical needs and demands across Zambia. John is visiting five hospitals in each district of Zambia to look at their surgical facilities and the workload the hospital undertakes in its surgery departments.

He has visited twenty hospitals that have access by road but his car broke down last month and he needed to be towed back to Lusaka. Craig flew him to a group of hospitals in the far West of the country where they visited six hospitals in four days. The weather was bad most of the time creating some challenging flying, and resulting in two diversions due to the impenetrable weather.

They made it to within ten miles of Kalabo and circled for fifteen minutes trying to find a gap in the clouds to land, but the weather deteriorated further, forcing them to return to Mongu. They sat out the storm at Mongu airport and flew to Kalabo six hours later.

Yuka hospital at Kalabo is one of the most remote and under-served hospitals in Zambia. We have made arrangements to send them equipment from our donated stocks via their church headquarters in Lusaka. Due to all the diversions we ended up running late on our last day of the trip but we received the usual outstanding hospitality from our friends at Mukinge Mission.

The weather was beautiful for our flight home to Lusaka on Saturday morning. On this flight we were able to assist a team at Mukinge by bringing some of their luggage to Lusaka as they were overweight for the Flying Mission flight back to Lusaka International for their flight home to the US.

While Craig is away on outreach doing the fistula surgery in March, John will fly with Flying Mission to continue his data collection. Above are some photos of John (in green shirt) during the trip.

(Craig Oranmore-Brown)

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