Wheelchair Donation

In March 2012, Mercy Flyers was given a generous donation of fifty wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission. It was funded by an American group of donors led by Sheryl Ramsey in partnership with a group of donors in Zambia. The chairs are a unique design that was constructed after an American engineer conceived of the idea when he saw how many people with physical disabilities had to crawl on the ground in developing countries.

The construction is from a thermoplastic lawn chair, bicycle wheels and a steel frame. The components are shipped in an ocean container directly to the country where they are assembled and distributed. The resulting item is inexpensive to produce and costs 63.94 USD. The only requirement of Free Wheelchair Mission is that the chairs must be given in the name of Jesus Christ.

These wheelchairs will be given to Rae Oranmore Brown's patients at University Teaching Hospital as well as donated to people in partnership with other organizations in Zambia.

A big thank you to our generous donors - http://www.freewheelchairmission.org

(Laura Menenberg)

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