Mulungu's Story

Mulungu is 25 years old, this is her story...

What happened to you?

I went into labour in April 2007 at night. Mum went to call the traditional birth attendant (TBA) who came to our aid. The following morning I had still not delivered so the TBA advised mum to take me to the hospital as I was tired. Mum organised a small boat and we travelled for almost 16 hours to reach Samfya district hospital. The medical officer examined me and advised us to go to Mansa hospital as I needed an operation and there was no surgeon at Samfya. He also told me that my baby had died. At Mansa I had a caesarian section and the dead baby delivered. Shortly after this operation I found I was leaking urine.

Have you had this operation before?

Yes I had the operation at Mansa hospital but the surgeon was not experienced in this operation and so it did not stop the leak. I had an operation again in Lusaka but I am still leaking. I can't afford to go to Monze to see the specialist there.

What difference will this surgery make for you?

I will be very happy if this problem comes to an end as I really desire to live like a normal women again.

What do you have to say to the people who paid for your surgery?

Thank you so much for making my life better again because I will have no more urine dripping. I will have no more smell which makes me feel uncomfortable in the community. May God bless you abundantly. THANK YOU.

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