Mirriam's Story

Grace Mirriam is over fifty years old but doesn’t know her exact date of birth. She married when she was about twenty.

With her first pregnancy, she had a very difficult labour which lasted for two days at home in the village, then transferred to Chinsali Hospital, and finally to Chilonga Hospital.The birth included the use of an episiotomy and vacuum delivery despite which the baby was stillborn. She then began uncontrollable vaginal incontinence.

Her husband abandoned her after the problem started and her friends laughed at her. She had very severe leakage and her mother obtained plastic pants (diapers) for her to use. She tried to make a living by selling a few items out of her home. In Mirriam’s words, she “suffered much” for over 31 years and even considered committing suicide.

She had 4 previous attempts to fix the VVF, none of which succeeded. She heard about the Mercy Flyer’s VVF outreach through a radio transmission and decided to come for another attempt to fix the problem.

Although other attempts had failed, through our specialized team and surgeon Dr. Michael Breen, she was successfully repaired. Without your help and donations Mirriam would still be suffering. Today, she has started a new life.

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