Lontia's Story

"I was the laughing stock in my village. Wherever I went people would not stay with me for a long time due to the urine leakage. I could not even sleep at funeral houses or participate in church activities or even go to church. I was not myself, I was downcast, lonely, but in the midst of people.

But when I heard about Mercy Flyers support, that there was going to be help from the hospital in Chipata for women with this problem I made up my mind to get there at any cost. When I went there I was turned away because I was pregnant. This time with my small baby I still went ahead and I was repaired and now I am ALL DRY!"

Speaking on behalf of her fellow repaired women Lontia said, "I tell you we used to sleep in Dambo's (these are natural clearings in the bush that flood in the rainy season). Our beddings were forever wet no matter what you did, it was as if you slept with a baby that wets the beddings, now its like a dream!" Checking her chitenge (traditional cloth wraparound) and dress, "I am dry, I can even put on one skirt and look presentable." (She would normally wear 3 skirts to delay the visible dampness on the outer layer).

Luckily enough my husband is still with me and so supportive. When I get back home I will give the baby to my husband, there go the the people and villages where they were laughing at me, and those with fistula who refused to go for repair and show them the changed person I am now. I will also display my new outfit (donated by Africare) and tell everyone how I and others were well treated and taken care of. I even gained weight due to the nutritious food provided by Africare and the hospital. 'Nilutowa lomba' (I am now shining).

Thank you Mercy Flyers, thank you Africare, thank you doctors and thank you hospital staff! Please do not go away with this programme, there are many in the communities who need your help". At this point Lontia started singing...

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