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All Mercy Flyers staff are volunteers. As such you need to be self funding, which means you need to have support from friends and family to cover your living costs while in Zambia. For information about the cost of living in Zambia and the support raising process, please contact your local MF office.

To apply for these posts, please contact Dr Craig Oranmore-Brown.

Critical Care Physician & Anaesthesiologist

We are developing an MMed anaesthesia specialist training programme in partnership with the Zambian and British governments. We are also assisting with the development of a nurse critical care training programme in Lusaka. This is on top of the anaesthesia services provided across the country on our outreaches and training of the Anaesthetic Clinical Officers at their school in Lusaka. We are being asked to provide increasing support to the ICU at the University teaching hospital (there are no ICU trained doctors working Lusaka outside of the service provided by MF).

We need a full-time ICU specialist and/or anaesthetist but would also be grateful for a doctor who could commit to a month every year.

Senior Critical Care Nurse

We are looking for a senior critical care nurse to be involved in teaching critical care nursing at the teaching hospital in Lusaka. He/she would also be involved in the MF aeromed evacuation programme. We are ideally looking for someone to come for a year or more to take on this role.

VVF Surgeon

We would like to expand our fistula repair service into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and are looking for short term volunteer surgeons to assist with this programme. Surgeons need to be trained and experienced in fistula repair.

Fund Raiser in USA

We are in need of a fund raiser in the USA on a negotiable salary.

IT Manager in Zambia

We urgently need an IT manager to help run our systems (in partnership with Flying Mission) in Zambia. Ideally we would like someone to commit to coming full-time for a year or more. You will need to be familiar with web design and maintenance, as well as setting up networks and databases.

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