Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth is a 42 year old lady...

What happened to you?

In 1989 during my second pregnancy I was in labour for 2 days when I attended the rural clinic. My baby was born at the clinic but then I started to leak urine 1 week after I returned home. I have been leaking urine for 20 years now.

Why have you not had this repaired before?

I have been to Lubwe, Mpongwe, Ndola and Mansa hospitals before looking for help but none of them were able to help me.

Why didn't you go to Lusaka for surgery?

I had no transport money, and the buses do not allow me to travel because of the smell.

What difference will this surgery make to you?

I will be very happy to be normal again. My first husband divorced me because of the leak, I managed to marry again but my second husband is threatening to divorce me too unless I get this repaired.

What do you have to say to the people that paid for your surgery?

I am very thankful. May God bless those people and extend their days.

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