Dainess' Story

Dainess is 40 years old, this is her story...

What happened to you?

I was pregnant in 1986 and started labour at night at home. After 2 days I was taken to hospital by bicycle. At the hospital I delivered my son normally. Shortly after the delivery I discovered that I no longer had the urge to void but rather had a constant leak of urine. I have had this for 23 years now.

Why have you not had this surgery before?

I had no information about a repair for this condition, I did not know it could be repaired.

What difference will this surgery make in your life?

I will be very grateful because I will start living a normal life. My husband ran away from me after he noticed I had this condition. I am all by myself looking after my only child. I stopped participating in community activities because of the smelling urine. This operation make make a huge difference in my life.

What do you have to say to those who paid for your surgery?

I want to thank everyone involved in this operation. This work must continue and may the Lord bless you all.

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