Alice's Story

Alice is 26 years old and this is her story...

What happened to you?

In 2004 I went into labour but the baby didn't come out. I went to the rural health clinic who referred me to the hospital but it took a full day to get to the hospital. I had an operation to deliver the baby at the hospital but it had already died. After this operation I noticed that I was leaking urine.

Why have you not had this repaired before?

I had no idea that this problem could be repaired, people in my village said I was cursed by an evil spirit.

What difference will this surgery make to you?

It will be great because I will be able to be like others without the problem of changing pads every time. I will be able to mix with others freely. At the moment I can't even go to church because of the incontinence.

What do you have to say to the people that paid for your surgery?

I thank them very much as I could never afford to pay for the surgery myself. I will pray that God blesses those people.

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