About Us

The charity uses light aircraft to fly surgical outreach teams from Africa and around the world to rural hospitals around southern Africa. These hospitals often have the facilities to perform vital operations but have no qualified staff to undertake them.

We visit hospitals who invite us to meet a specific need for physicians, paediatricians, surgeons or technicians. Arranging road transport to deliver such medical care is almost an impossibility.

We have a five-tiered approach:

  1. Clinical care of patients brought to our visiting specialists.
  2. Support of rural hospital staff, encouraging them in their work and improving international networking with colleagues.
  3. Education of rural hospital staff, updating knowledge, and developing new skills.
  4. Research into specialist health needs of the communities in order to aid future health service development.
  5. Partnerships with other organizations in order to optimize use of scarce resources. We partner with governments to develop sustainable specialist care for rural communities.

The founders of the charity are UK-based Doctors Craig and Rae Oranmore-Brown.

Craig is a consultant anaesthetist with special interests in intensive care, trauma and emergency medicine. Born in South Africa, and trained in both South Africa and the UK, Craig is also a qualified pilot.

Rae is a General surgeon with an interest in paediatric and trauma surgery and rural health care. Like Craig, Rae was also born in South Africa and has trained in the UK and is now undertaking further surgical training in Zambia.

Mercy Flyers was founded in June 2006, and in July 2007 Craig and Rae made the momentous move to Zambia to further their vision of improving rural health care in Africa and out the work of Mercy Flyers.

Rae works at the teaching hospital in Lusaka, while Craig works as the charity director and teaches in the ICU at the teaching hospital.

Craig is also very involved with training the Zambian anaesthetic clinical officers. The western world use fully qualified specialist doctors to provide anaesthesia, but in Zambia only clinical officers (technicians) are available.

Craig and Rae do not earn a salary and rely on personal sponsorship.

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