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Extending a Lifeline of Hope

Mercy Flyers is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to enhance specialist medical care to those who are living in poverty in southern African countries.

We aim to support and enhance healthcare capabilities through relationships, education and shared experiences, and help people irrespective of their religion or race.

About Us

The charity uses light aircraft to fly surgical outreach teams from Africa and Europe to rural hospitals around southern Africa. These hospitals often have the facilities to perform vital operations but have no qualified staff to undertake them.

We visit hospitals who invite us to meet a specific need for physicians, paediatricians, surgeons or technicians. Arranging road transport to deliver such medical care is almost an impossibility.

We have a five-tiered approach:

  1. Clinical care of patients brought to our visiting specialists.
  2. Support of rural hospital staff, encouraging them in their work and improving international networking with colleagues.
  3. Education of rural hospital staff, updating knowledge, and developing new skills.
  4. Research into specialist health needs of the communities in order to aid future health service development.
  5. Partnerships with other organizations in order to optimize use of scarce resources. We partner with governments to develop sustainable specialist care for rural communities.

VVF Programme

Vesico-Vaginal Fistula’s result from a pregnant woman being in obstructed labour (ie, there is a problem with the delivery of the baby) for a prolonged period of time. This happens in areas with poor access to surgical care and they are unable to undergo the caesarian section they need to deliver the baby. As a result of this scenario the baby dies (and eventually delivers) and the mother ends up with a pathological passage (fistula) between the bladder and birth passage. As a result the woman is persistently incontinent of urine.

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